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When you think about steps that are important to the health and appearance of your lawn, what do you think of? Probably watering, fertilization, plenty of sunlight and lots of TLC…right?

Many homeowners don’t think about going beyond the first layer of their turfgrass and soil to care for their lawns, but some of the most meaningful care goes on deep below the surface. Over time, gravity and many other factors work together to compact your lawn’s soil, which makes it more difficult for your grass’s roots to absorb water and other nutrients. Lawn aeration and sanding are lesser-known processes that can do wonders for your Florida landscape’s health and life.

Lawn aeration services have a multitude of benefits, which all add up to a better-looking, healthier lawn:

  • Reduces soil compaction and helps eliminate thatch
  • Prevents soil-borne and turf grass diseases
  • Helps grass more efficiently use water
  • Helps roots grow deeper
  • Stimulates growth
  • Creates thicker turf
  • Increases biological activity

Following lawn aeration services, sanding can be a perfect next step to add more soil drainage capabilities and help keep your turfgrass level and smooth.

Though some homeowners are comfortable with a do-it-yourself approach, professional lawn aeration and sanding services are a perfect addition to GreenEarth Landscape Services’ expert landscape design, installation and maintenance offerings.

Our lawn care professionals have the know-how as well as the heavy-duty equipment needed do provide lawn aeration services that are efficient and effective.

Ready to go beyond the surface and discuss lawn aeration services for your landscape? Call GreenEarth’s Panama City Beach office at (850) 236-1959, or our Santa Rosa Beach office at (850) 267-0010. You can also fill out the web form to the right, and a GreenEarth Landscape Services professional will get in touch with you!

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