florida panhandle backyard landscape design installation

When our Santa Rosa Beach client purchased their home, the backyard left a little to be desired. Not only did it look incredibly small, but the perimeter was also lined with overgrown shrubs — to the point where the homeowners had to walk single file in some areas. A row of neglected ferns was home to a bevy of unwanted snakes and rodents.

The homeowners rarely went out into their backyard, which disappointed them greatly: No one moves to Florida to be cooped up indoors!

GreenEarth Landscape Services worked alongside landscape architect Callie & Co. to bring the new backyard space's design.

Here's a look at what we did!

GreenEarth Steps In

florida panhandle backyard landscape design installationThis job was a complete renovation of the backyard. We started with a beautiful design and walked through the concepts with the homeowners. The job began with a blank canvas: GreenEarth Landscape Services crews removed all existing plants, trees and grass.

From there, we laid out the retaining walls and planter beds that would form the architecture of the backyard’s new design. After we completed construction of those elements, we ran the gas lines and backfilled all the planter beds with soil.

A raised patio was the next step, where the real artistry began: We laid elegant travertine tile in an eight-piece French pattern for a somewhat random look.

florida panhandle backyard landscape design installation

florida panhandle backyard landscape design installationThe patio was accented with a beautiful water feature to add the relaxing sight and sounds of running water to the backyard.

Then, the patio stairs were run with low-voltage wiring for step lights to create stunning ambient illumination.

Beautiful Florida-friendly plants were installed, along with an eco-friendly drip irrigation system. A healthy layer of mulch in the beds and uplighting on the accent trees added finishing touches to what is now a beautiful, spacious and functional outdoor living space in a formerly crowded, overgrown backyard.


The Homeowners’ Final Word

florida panhandle backyard landscape design installation“The GreenEarth crew were skilled, professional and pleasant to have around. They executed the plan superbly and even made several suggestions to improve the plan. We love our new yard — it’s the envy of the neighborhood!”

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