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3 Simple Ways to Control Weeds in Your Northwest Florida Landscape

Regardless of how hard you try to control the weeds in your landscape, by August and September, the weeds have multiplied, and unwanted vines are invading your planting beds. The torrential rains that we recently experienced from Hurricane Hermine will hamper your residential weed control efforts. GreenEarth helps our customers customize a landscape maintenance service program, including a residential weed control strategy that focuses on prevention.

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Caring for Your Florida Landscape in the Heat of the Summer

As the temperatures rise above 80 degrees F and stay there for the next three months or more, as Florida property owners, we need to think about the impact that the temperatures will have on our lawns and landscaping plantings. We need to change our landscape maintenance practices, including everything from watering frequency to pruning, and from mowing height to fertilizer use.

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Top Landscaping Maintenance Mistakes That Novice Homeowners Make

Northwest Florida homeowners and property investors know that outdoor living is a vital part of our lifestyle. Whether you have an outdoor living and entertaining area, a wildlife habitat, a vegetable garden, or a lush yard that filled with native Florida flowers, plants, shrubs or trees, the landscaped areas of your property will always require maintenance. Unfortunately, many novice gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners make landscape maintenance mistakes that will either cost them a lot more money or cause them to create unnecessary work for themselves.

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6 Cost Considerations For Installing A Natural Privacy Fence

You own a beautiful home and want to spend time outdoors. No offense to your neighbors, but you don’t really want them watching as you enjoy time in your yard.

Of course you can install a traditional fence, but there may be some restrictions. Most homeowners associations in the Panama City Beach, Sandestin and Destin areas won’t allow you to install tall cedar wood fences.

Instead, they’ll approve four foot high powder-coated aluminum fences. At four feet high, that’s not much privacy, and it may not be the look you want.

What type of fence can you install to give you some personal space? That would be a natural privacy fence made of vegetation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Palm Tree In Northwest Florida?

Making sure your trees are healthy are an important part of taking care of your landscaping. In Florida, that usually means maintaining and paying attention to your palm trees.

Palm tree removal is such a normal part life here in Northwest Florida that our clients often ask us how much it costs to remove a palm tree. The answer, as you can probably imagine, depends on a number of factors.

Before we get into actual cost to remove a palm tree in Northwest Florida, let’s talk about what we monitor with palm trees.

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Property Managers: How To Tell If A Tree Is Dead In 7 Easy Steps

Trees provide a lot of benefits to landscaping. They’re attractive with lush leaves and sometimes flowers, and they provide shade as well as privacy. But trees can be dangerous if not attended to, given their large size and weight.

We get questions from property managers asking us how to tell if a tree is dead or diseased on their grounds. We tell them that sometimes it takes a landscaping specialist to determine a tree’s health status, but sometimes there are clues that anyone can follow.

While dead trees should be removed from the property, it can be problematic if a tree is diseased too. Without proper care, a diseased tree can cause many of the same problems as a dead tree (which we’ll discuss more in depth below).

It’s important to identify any tree sickness as well, so the tree can be nursed back to health or removed before it causes serious damage.

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