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How to Use Color Theory in Landscape Design

Contemporary landscape design is a whirlwind of color. Its hues can be integrated into the landscape design and punctuated by a smattering of tasteful yard art, furniture selections, and most notably, in the plants chosen. The colors dotting a landscape can represent the principles of harmony, balance, movement, unity, and proportion. They can also set the stage for crafting your ideal landscape. Short of majoring in landscape design or color theory, how can you take the foundations of art and apply them to your yard? Here's a look at several ways to do just that.

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Have you Fallen for One of These Landscaping Myths?

When it comes to landscaping, there's an abundance of myths that can make your head swim and your pocketbook weak. As well-meaning neighbors stroll by and impart wisdom about your landscape, it's wise to double (triple?) check the facts. That's why those of us at Green Earth Landscape Services have devised a handy little cheat sheet of the most prevalent myths that persevere no matter how much evidence stacks against them. 

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5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Backyard & Your Peace of Mind

While January garners all the fame for New Year's resolutions, February often winds up the bad guy. That's when those lofty dreams of weight loss, financial independence, and bettering oneself seem to come to a screeching halt. This year, those of us at GreenEarth propose something new. Instead of growing frustrated with yourself for losing sight of those January goals, let February be the month that you make new, innovative resolutions. Let it be the time that you focus on the outdoors, specifically your backyard oasis. 

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9 Free (or Nearly Free) Things to Create a New Backyard Play Space

The backdrop for many childhood memories is rooted in the outdoors. Aside from the pesky interruptions of dinner and bedtime, many kids spend time scampering about the neighborhood-- digging, climbing, exploring, and creating. It's no wonder, then, why many parents wonder how to intertwine children's natural desire to head outdoors with the elegant landscape they've worked hard to maintain. Here, we've offered some low-cost ways to make your backyard a fun play space while simultaneously preserving its beauty.

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Beyond the Bright: Subtle Ways to Decorate Your Landscape for the Holidays

In 2014, the average consumer in the United States spent, on average, $55 on holiday decorations. Chances are, you've invested a fair amount of money on such treasures as well. While you transform your home into a winter wonderland for the family to delight in, remember that you can also spread holiday cheer to your neighbors through festive decorations outdoors. Passerby and guests will appreciate your holiday spirit when you intertwine these ideas into your landscape.

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Now is the Time to Plan Your Winter or Spring Landscaping Projects

Our mild Northwest Florida fall and winter climate makes it possible for property owners to enjoy a variety of beautiful flowering and green plants, trees and shrubs all year long. It also means that the sooner you get a jump-start on planning the landscape design for areas you may want to change, fill in or do over in spring, the smoother the landscape installation will go when it is time to begin the project.

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Tips for Adjusting Your Landscape Irrigation System in Late Fall

Northwest Florida property owners rely on their underground irrigation systems to keep their lawns and landscapes well irrigated all year long. Now that we’ve gone off of daylight savings time, it’s important to adjust the timers on your irrigation system to ensure that you're not overwatering your lawn and landscape and that you set the timers to comply with any city, county, and state watering restrictions.

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Creating a Four-Season Landscape Design for Your Northwest Florida Yard

Northwest Florida homeowners enjoy mild winters compared to our neighbors in Northern states. Despite the typically warmer winters, we have to be prepared for unseasonably cold weather that causes temperatures to plummet below freezing. The most efficient residential landscape design plans for our area consider summer and winter weather extremes, damage from tropical storms and hurricanes, possible flooding, salt spray from the ocean, and drought.

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