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Now is the Time to Plan Your Winter or Spring Landscaping Projects

Our mild Northwest Florida fall and winter climate makes it possible for property owners to enjoy a variety of beautiful flowering and green plants, trees and shrubs all year long. It also means that the sooner you get a jump-start on planning the landscape design for areas you may want to change, fill in or do over in spring, the smoother the landscape installation will go when it is time to begin the project.

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Creating a Four-Season Landscape Design for Your Northwest Florida Yard

Northwest Florida homeowners enjoy mild winters compared to our neighbors in Northern states. Despite the typically warmer winters, we have to be prepared for unseasonably cold weather that causes temperatures to plummet below freezing. The most efficient residential landscape design plans for our area consider summer and winter weather extremes, damage from tropical storms and hurricanes, possible flooding, salt spray from the ocean, and drought.

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Using Color to Capture the Essence of Fall – Even in Northwest Florida!

Northwest Florida doesn’t experience the cool, crisp fall temperatures that characterize Autumn in New England, the Midwest, and the northernmost states. Colder temperatures and shorter days provide two of the most critical conditions that cause the foliage of trees and shrubs to change colors in a cycle that culminates after all the leaves have fallen off of every deciduous plant.

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Choosing Plants for Waterfront Properties in Northwest Florida

Nothing is more vital to every aspect of Florida life than water. Boasting the country’s largest estuary system, Florida has roughly three million combined acres of bays, lagoons, tidal streams, and wetlands, all of which are interconnected, eventually converging along the coastline where salt and fresh water come together. The mixture of salt and fresh waters produce an abundance of nutrients that nourish plants, fish, and animals that live in these waterways.

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Caring for Your Florida Landscape in the Heat of the Summer

As the temperatures rise above 80 degrees F and stay there for the next three months or more, as Florida property owners, we need to think about the impact that the temperatures will have on our lawns and landscaping plantings. We need to change our landscape maintenance practices, including everything from watering frequency to pruning, and from mowing height to fertilizer use.

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Top Landscaping Maintenance Mistakes That Novice Homeowners Make

Northwest Florida homeowners and property investors know that outdoor living is a vital part of our lifestyle. Whether you have an outdoor living and entertaining area, a wildlife habitat, a vegetable garden, or a lush yard that filled with native Florida flowers, plants, shrubs or trees, the landscaped areas of your property will always require maintenance. Unfortunately, many novice gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners make landscape maintenance mistakes that will either cost them a lot more money or cause them to create unnecessary work for themselves.

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Frost Alert? How To Prevent Winter Damage On Florida Landscapes

While Florida rarely sees temperatures dipping below freezing, it does happen. Homeowners and commercial property managers should be aware of what to do when temperatures drop, so they can maintain their landscaping investment.

Global warming brings polar vortexes to Florida some years, but not others. This weather condition causes frost and ice, which isn’t good for our plants. Fortunately, on average, there are fewer than five days a year when Northwest Florida gets temperatures at 32 degrees and below.

That said, here are some things to keep in mind when the weather dips at or below freezing.

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GreenEarth’s 5 Favorite Plants For A Colorful Winter Landscape

Even though Florida’s a state not known for snowfall, our landscaping still changes in winter. And less hardy varieties of flowers won’t survive the Florida colder weather, like zinnias, sweet peas and portulaca.

If you’d like to give your commercial landscaping a welcomed burst of color this season, consider our five favorite flowers for a colorful winter landscape in the Florida Panhandle.

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