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3 Simple Ways to Control Weeds in Your Northwest Florida Landscape

Regardless of how hard you try to control the weeds in your landscape, by August and September, the weeds have multiplied, and unwanted vines are invading your planting beds. The torrential rains that we recently experienced from Hurricane Hermine will hamper your residential weed control efforts. GreenEarth helps our customers customize a landscape maintenance service program, including a residential weed control strategy that focuses on prevention.

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Caring for Your Florida Landscape in the Heat of the Summer

As the temperatures rise above 80 degrees F and stay there for the next three months or more, as Florida property owners, we need to think about the impact that the temperatures will have on our lawns and landscaping plantings. We need to change our landscape maintenance practices, including everything from watering frequency to pruning, and from mowing height to fertilizer use.

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What's Eating My Lawn? Northwest Florida's Most Common Turf Insects

Being a homeowner in Northwest Florida has many advantages, including a year-round climate that is conducive to spending time outside. If you’re like many homeowners, you probably think of your lawn and landscape as an extension of the living areas inside your home. No matter how you use the grassy areas on your property, the extent to which you can enjoy them will always depend on the quality of your residential lawn care maintenance.

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What’s Eating My Lawn? Look Out For These 3 Florida Lawn Pests

In the months ahead a variety of insects will attempt to eat lawns throughout the Florida Panhandle. And every year, we get plenty of calls here at GreenEarth Landscape Services from nervous homeowners wondering, "What's eating my lawn?!"

Making that call is a step in the right direction: Identifying the culprit is essential to treating the lawn for insect infestations.

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10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a New Commercial Landscape Contractor

As a commercial property owner or manager, making sure your property looks its best is important to your business. Your current and future tenants will view good landscaping as a sign that you care for your property and in turn for them. And clients and customers of those tenants are more apt to visit the property if it’s well-kept and attractive.

If you’re looking to hire a new commercial landscape contractor, you’ll want to interview several to find the one best suited for your property. Here are 10 questions to ask.

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We C.A.R.E.! How GreenEarth's 7-Step Sales Process Works

Have you ever met with a salesperson and quickly realized that the person is speaking a different language? Or encountered a salesperson who tried to sell you something you didn’t want? What about a salesperson that did all the talking and didn’t care to listen to what you wanted? In our experience, most people have.

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How To Pet Proof Your Florida Turfgrass

Dog may be a man’s best friend, but dogs are not a friend of Florida turfgrass! If you’re finding small dead spots in your turfgrass, or small rings of greener, taller grass, Fido might be the reason. If you’re finding paths of trodden, worn lawn, again, Fido may be to blame. Grassy areas dug up, with soil exposed? Yep. Fido.

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More Than Money: 5 Landscaping Factors That Really Matter

If you’re looking for a landscape contractor to install a fresh, new landscape on your property — or maintain your existing landscape — your budget is likely a huge concern. But there’s more to consider when choosing your landscape contractor than the cost of the service they are providing.

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