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7 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Vacation Rentals On Highway 30-A

If you’ve purchased a vacation rental home, you know that a big part of the home’s appeal is the exterior, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Scenic Highway 30-A has stunning planned communities like WaterColor, Watersound and the highly regarded town of Seaside — all popular spots for GreenEarth clients who own vacation rentals or vacation homes.

With a post-recession building boom in the Florida vacation rental market, landscaping re-dos and new property landscaping installations are becoming more popular.

Our clients ask us to create low-stress landscapes for these stress-reducing rentals on Highway 30-A. Here are seven low-maintenance landscaping ideas for vacation rentals we often recommend.

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Start Here — GreenEarth’s Landscaping Guide For First Time Homeowners

After buying a new home or vacation home, there’s a lot to think about.

Of course you’ve dropped a big chunk of change on the home itself, which still may need some interior improvements. But you also have to think about the yard.

The lawn won’t mow itself, and perhaps you see exterior areas you want to change, even if you’re not sure what those alterations would be.

Clients with a new house often ask us where to start and how they should think about and prioritize landscaping improvements. So we thought it might be helpful to put this mini guide together.

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4 Pruning Tips For Overgrown Shrubs On Commercial Properties

Some of our commercial clients ask us what tasks to consider with regular landscape maintenance. One of the areas to address once or twice a year is shrub and hedge trimming.

These types of plants often grow with abandon from just a good old dose of rain and sunshine, which we get in abundance here in the Florida Panhandle.

Here’s a closer look four key pruning tips for overgrown shrubs as well as why it’s important to shrubs and hedges under control on your commercial property.

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5 Landscape Design Ideas For Erosion And Sediment Control

Living in Florida, you might have seen firsthand how intense rainstorms can affect the landscaping. Whether your land is totally flat or nuanced with different levels, erosion and sediment control can be a huge issue.

Keeping the soil in place is not only good for your land, it’s good for the environment. When sediment travels into waterways, whether it’s a pond on your property or an area river or just sewer drainage, it affects your local waters.

The sediment contains bacteria, nutrients, chemicals and other things that aren’t good for the water system and those who rely on it, like fish, animals and even humans. Sediment clogs up these bodies of water, giving the water less room to flow, which can cause flooding and a murky appearance.

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Countdown To Spring: 4 Landscape Maintenance Tips For Winter

“What do you do in the winter months when the grass isn’t growing?”

That is the most common question I receive this time of year. People with a passion for beautiful landscaping use the month of February to plan for spring. When the landscape looks as bleak as it does now, it is sometimes easier to use your imagination and envision a landscape completely upgraded and full of life.

With spring quickly approaching, the following landscape maintenance tips should definitely be on your to-do list.

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Annuals Vs. Perennials: Which Is Right For Your Landscape?

Clients often wonder which are the best types of flowers to plant in their Northwest Florida landscaping — residential or commercial. Our answer is often “It depends.” There are a lot of considerations, including:

  • whether to choose annuals or perennials

  • what’s currently planted there and whether the beds will get a complete overhaul

  • the soil composition and how much sunlight and moisture the area gets

  • what type of look the client wants

  • how much plant maintenance the client envisions

Before going further, it’s helpful to understand the differences between annuals and perennials.

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How Much Does Commercial Landscaping Cost in Florida?

When potential clients approach us about commercial landscape maintenance costs, they have a lot of great questions about what’s included and how pricing works. It's your job as a property manager to research, ask the right questions and understand each vendor's value and benefits to your property.

Because some companies quote à la carte prices and others quote all inclusive, it’s important to know the differences between these pricing models, what services are included in a price quote — and the pros and cons of each. How much does professional landscaping cost for a Florida commercial property? Read on for a little insight.

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Do I Need To Winterize My Irrigation System In Florida?

Some of our clients ask us whether they need to winterize their irrigation systems in the Florida Panhandle area. It’s a great question, and one with a complex answer: While the Florida panhandle is not one to typically suffer prolonged winter freezes, at least not like those in other parts of the country, freezes do happen. Last winter and spring were especially brutal in the Florida panhandle, with some palm and citrus trees dying in the bitter cold. The average low temperature in December and January is 40, which is definitely above freezing, but that’s just the average. Temperatures do fall into the 20s.

Whether you choose to winterize completely or simply make adjustments throughout the season as necessary, here are a few irrigation winterization maintenance items to consider as cold temperatures approach.

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The 7 Most Important Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tasks

If you hire a landscaping company for your commercial property, there are certain things you expect to happen on a regular basis.

That includes mowing the grass, making sure the plants and grass are watered properly and look healthy, and taking care of any obvious problems with your trees or bushes.

But throughout the year, additional landscape maintenance tasks should be added to the list on regular schedule.

Here are the seven most important commercial landscape tasks to consider.

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5 Tips To Hurricane Proof Your Florida Panhandle Landscape

Hurricane season comes once a year — from June 1 to November 30 — raising alert levels across the shoreline areas of both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The last thing you want to worry about is how your landscaping might affect your chances of your property being damaged.

You can’t guarantee that a hurricane won’t knock a tree into your  house, but you can minimize the chances that it will happen. Here are five tips to hurricane proof your Florida landscape.

Maintain Your Trees

The biggest landscaping concern you’ll have during a hurricane is your trees. If your trees are already planted and mature, you’ll want to inspect them annually. This means making sure they don’t have any cracks in their limbs or trunks which could make the tree less stable in a storm.

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