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Caring for Your Florida Landscape in the Heat of the Summer

As the temperatures rise above 80 degrees F and stay there for the next three months or more, as Florida property owners, we need to think about the impact that the temperatures will have on our lawns and landscaping plantings. We need to change our landscape maintenance practices, including everything from watering frequency to pruning, and from mowing height to fertilizer use.

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The Importance of Good Communication with Commercial Landscapers

Commercial landscaping customers run the gamut from property owners who rent space to retailers and businesses, to property managers who are responsible for taking care of apartment buildings and complexes, or homeowners associations that rely on the appearance of their grounds to appeal to would-be home buyers. They all have one thing in common: they depend on the services of landscape property management companies such as GreenEarth, to ensure that their property maintains its beautiful, well-kept appearance year round.

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What's Eating My Lawn? Northwest Florida's Most Common Turf Insects

Being a homeowner in Northwest Florida has many advantages, including a year-round climate that is conducive to spending time outside. If you’re like many homeowners, you probably think of your lawn and landscape as an extension of the living areas inside your home. No matter how you use the grassy areas on your property, the extent to which you can enjoy them will always depend on the quality of your residential lawn care maintenance.

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Top Landscaping Maintenance Mistakes That Novice Homeowners Make

Northwest Florida homeowners and property investors know that outdoor living is a vital part of our lifestyle. Whether you have an outdoor living and entertaining area, a wildlife habitat, a vegetable garden, or a lush yard that filled with native Florida flowers, plants, shrubs or trees, the landscaped areas of your property will always require maintenance. Unfortunately, many novice gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners make landscape maintenance mistakes that will either cost them a lot more money or cause them to create unnecessary work for themselves.

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6 Hard-To-Ignore Benefits Of Hiring A Full-Service Landscaping Company

From the pool cleaner to the house cleaner, to the plumber and electrician — it’s hard enough to manage a home. Add in the lawn mower, arborist, fertilizer specialist and irrigation company and it’s enough to drive someone bananas.

So it makes sense to have one company meeting all your landscaping needs, right? If you need more convincing, here are six hard-to-ignore benefits of hiring a full-service landscaping company.

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4 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Trends In Northwest Florida For 2016

From property owners to property managers, many of our commercial clients ask us about ways to make their landscaping more sustainable. Not only is sustainable landscaping easier to maintain, but it can use less water and is better for the environment.

Here are four sustainable commercial landscaping trends we expect to see in Northwest Florida in 2016.

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How Should I Compare Bids From Multiple Commercial Landscapers?

As a property manager seeking commercial landscaping bids, it can be confusing comparing bids from different companies.

For one company, something is included, for another it’s extra. Plus, for someone new to property management or unschooled in landscaping services, it might be hard to know what services your property needs and how to choose a company that will provide you with the best value.

A representative from the landscaping company you’ll receive a bid from should walk through your property with you, to understand your concerns and expectations. It may take a few weeks to get a comprehensive bid after discussing it with a landscaping professional.

When comparing bids from commercial landscapers, here are a four pointers to keep in mind to ensure you're hiring the best company for the job:

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Beware! 5 Red Flags In A Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract

As a commercial property manager, part of your job is to oversee the property’s landscaping services. Keeping track of what your landscaping is delivering compared to what’s promised in your contract.

Is the work up to your standards? Are there landscaping services you assumed were in your contract … only to find out down the road these services come at an additional price?

If it’s time to renew your contract or find a new vendor, ask these five questions to easily identify red flags when evaluating a current or proposed commercial landscape maintenance contract.

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Quality Check: How Should I Review My Landscaper’s Work?

Whether you use a landscape contractor for weekly maintenance or you commission a one-time project or landscape enhancement, it can be hard to tell if the landscape contractor did a really great job or a job that’s just good enough.

Know that with landscape projects, the project manager will “walk the property” with you — whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property manager — when the work is complete.

You’ll be shown the changes made to the property and the special features added so you understand what was done. The property should look neat, put together and meet your expectations.

But before that final walkthrough, it’s good to have a heads up as to what you should be looking out for. Here are a few pro tips to help evaluate your landscape contractor’s work, both during the process and after it’s completed.

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