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4 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Trends In Northwest Florida For 2016

From property owners to property managers, many of our commercial clients ask us about ways to make their landscaping more sustainable. Not only is sustainable landscaping easier to maintain, but it can use less water and is better for the environment.

Here are four sustainable commercial landscaping trends we expect to see in Northwest Florida in 2016.

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5 Fast-Growing Windbreak Plants For Florida Landscapes

Living close to the Florida coast, the wind can get in the way of outdoor enjoyment. Some of our clients ask us about windbreak plants that can help them create an outdoor space that’s more enjoyable and usable.

Many homeowners want plants as a barrier to the wind hitting their outdoor living patio, the place where they’ll spend the most time outside. When deciding where to put the plants, a landscape architect will look at how the house is situated on the lot, which then helps dictate the best spot for the windbreak plants.

Planting a green screen, so to speak, can make your yard less sensitive to windy weather, buying you more time to enjoy in the great outdoors — and a little natural privacy to boot. Here are some things to think about when considering windbreak plants for our Florida landscape.

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6 Cost Considerations For Installing A Natural Privacy Fence

You own a beautiful home and want to spend time outdoors. No offense to your neighbors, but you don’t really want them watching as you enjoy time in your yard.

Of course you can install a traditional fence, but there may be some restrictions. Most homeowners associations in the Panama City Beach, Sandestin and Destin areas won’t allow you to install tall cedar wood fences.

Instead, they’ll approve four foot high powder-coated aluminum fences. At four feet high, that’s not much privacy, and it may not be the look you want.

What type of fence can you install to give you some personal space? That would be a natural privacy fence made of vegetation.

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Edible Landscaping — The 5 Best Fruit Trees In North Florida

Trees offer shade and can be gorgeous to look at, but wouldn’t it be great if you could also grow food from them?

You don’t always need to plant a vegetable garden. It’s as easy as picking a few plant types that will provide what you want to eat, without any more effort than you’d take to care for your plants normally. These plants are called edibles.

We’re seeing a “growing” interest in edible landscaping in North Florida and some of our clients would like to incorporate edibles that are well-suited for their properties. Today we’d like to zero in on fruit trees.

Here are five of the best fruit trees in North Florida for your Panhandle landscape.

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Pros And Cons Of Landscaping With Native Plants In Northern Florida

You may have heard about native plants and wondered why someone would choose them over other landscape plantings for their Florida Panhandle yards.

Native plants are species that grow well in the local climate and are used to the region’s temperatures, soil, rainfall amount and humidity level.

They also don’t need fertilization or protection during the colder season. In essence, native plants were created to grow here.

When replanting or adding to your garden, here are the pros and cons of landscaping with native plants in Northern Florida.

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4 Colorful Foliage Plants For Low Maintenance Landscaping

Flowers provide gorgeous color and pop, but sometimes they’re high maintenance and their flowers don’t last past one season. Then you either need to replant with other flowers or just let their greenery grow without the blooms.

Some of our clients ask us about colorful foliage alternatives to these flowers. Fortunately we have a handful to recommend, and they don’t require much maintenance.

If you're looking to add color and interest to your landscape with low care demands, here are four colorful foliage plants for low maintenance landscaping you should consider.

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6 Colorful Flowers That Do Well In Shade

It’s time to start thinking about summer color in the garden!

Picking the flower varietals to plant in the beds and gardens is one of the best parts of landscaping. Some of our clients ask us about what flowers grow well in shade, as their land may be sheltered by trees or on the wrong side of the summer sun. Fortunately there are many colorful flowers to choose from.

Here are six of our favorite colorful flowers that do well in shade.

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The 7 Best Trees And Shrubs For Privacy Screening In Your Backyard

Fences make good neighbors, but so do trees and shrubs — at least trees and shrubs acting as fences! There are many reasons why people like using trees and shrubs in their backyards, and one of the main reasons is privacy screening, with the plants acting as a physical and visual barrier. A lush, dense, natural green separation between yards goes a long way toward keeping the peace.

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Annuals Vs. Perennials: Which Is Right For Your Landscape?

Clients often wonder which are the best types of flowers to plant in their Northwest Florida landscaping — residential or commercial. Our answer is often “It depends.” There are a lot of considerations, including:

  • whether to choose annuals or perennials

  • what’s currently planted there and whether the beds will get a complete overhaul

  • the soil composition and how much sunlight and moisture the area gets

  • what type of look the client wants

  • how much plant maintenance the client envisions

Before going further, it’s helpful to understand the differences between annuals and perennials.

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